Katherine Dean

Founder & CEO of Living Your Worth, Inc.

I connected with Renee, the Executive Director of Girls, Inc. on LinkedIn. I thought, how have I lived on Long Island this long and just found out about this incredible organization? After researching and loving the mission of Girls Inc. of LI, the work of empowering girls, giving them the tools and resources to step out into their greatness unapologetically was an organization that I wished I had access 25 years ago. Just the thought that the girls touched by Girls Inc. would have the tools and resources to learn about financial literacy was a HUGE WIN in my eyes. Within a week I knew that there was a way I wanted to be involved with their mission. Just like that I have met amazing professional women who are aligned with this incredible mission to empower young girls to be POWERFUL by being Strong, Smart & Bold. And as an incredible bonus, meeting the incredible girls that have been part of the Girls Inc. programs and the effect in their lives has been amazing.

Katherine Dean is known as the “Financial Empowerment” woman because her experience in the financial industry has helped hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, couples and women create their path to Wealth. Her approach to Wealth is not just about money, it is about money mindset, family legacy & what matters most to her clients. She is the founder of Living Your Worth, Inc. and popular programs like Wealthy Woman Within & Wealth-To-Freedom Formula program.

Katherine has her MBA and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. She constantly challenges the status quo with women & money, financial independence and the pay gap. She has spent 20 years guiding people with their financial goals on their path to financial independence & freedom. Katherine volunteers her time with young girls to own their independence and power for an incredible future as a Girl Scout Leader and serving on the Board of Girls Inc, Long Island. Katherine believes anyone can achieve financial freedom by being following your own journey to discover your vision to be empowered in your career, financial life and gain the financial confidence & independence you’ve always dreamt about!

Katherine lives in New York in the “happiest town in America” along with her wife, two daughters & two dogs, Baxter & Roscoe.

“Transforming Your Relationship With Money Will Impact Your Family, Career & Financial Future”

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