Lisa M. Owens, M.S.

Program Center Manager, Long Island Cares Harry Chapin Food Bank

I remember researching girls programs for my daughter in my community and surrounding areas finding there really wasn’t anything she could truly connect to. When I learned about Girls Inc. I thought it was different. I liked it! There was still no active program near us so I enrolled her in the camp sessions and she attended the conference. It was a perfect balance between STEM and activities where she could learn about her own strength and capabilities. She loved it! She was truly interested and it was perfect for her. I actually wanted to work there! Then I realized joining the board and being a part of the organization meant I could contribute my experience and skills through the mission, goals, and the strategy. I stay engaged because know I’m helping to bring awareness to the issues and concerns girls face everyday! They were issues I faced when I was younger! Most important, I’m contributing to growing the organization and bringing programs to more undeserved communities.

Lisa M. Owens spent the beginning of her career, more than 15 years, as an Administrative Assistant various corporations assisting department executives and teams large and small. This allowed her to be mentored by corporate leaders who taught her the value of leading people, teamwork, and the importance of taking care of those people before the bottom line. Those lessons helped shape her direction and only affirmed her desire to want to take care of the needs of others.

She began her education at Briarcliffe College, finishing her Associates Degree and then completing her Bachelor’s Degree at New York Institute of Technology in Interdisciplinary Studies. She then moved on to complete her Masters Degree at Buffalo State College in Adult Education, choosing this path because of her strong desire to educate and assist. Out of this opportunity, it was choosing Long Island Cares to complete her internship requirement which became the best decision she made for her career and her personal goals. She humbly started as a Program Coordinator working directly in the communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Mrs. Owens has been in the field of Health and Human Services for 6 years. In her role today, she oversees the daily operation of the South Shore Service Center, is responsible for assisting families and managing the outreach efforts and programs on and off site. She is serving as the liaison for Emergency Response and Recovery, where she coordinates all of the organizational efforts as they pertain to preparedness information and initiatives in the event of an emergency and/or any other potential natural disaster that may affect Long Island. She is also responsible for the New Paths to Achievement: Career & Personal Development program where she facilitates workshops and works one on one with community members in need of enhancing their job skills to become more marketable for competitive employment.

Her advocacy efforts extend far beyond her work at Long Island Cares. She completed a Leading in Community Certificate at Adelphi University and continues to dedicate personal time to her own community under her project “Her Blueprint” where she works to inspire women to seek passion and purpose. She also provides basic necessities to women’s programs and partners with other grassroots organizations to address the needs of underserved communities.

She happily affirms everyday, “Today I will use my gifts, talents, and resources to help others and if I say or do anything that helps just one person, I am doing what I am purposed to do!”

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