Community programs are open to girls from across Long Island. Girls Inc. of Long Island addresses all aspects of a girl’s life and helps her discover and develop her inherent strengths. As girls begin to develop confidence as learners, and build the foundation for academic success, they also form attitudes about themselves in relation to school and their peers, family, and social groups that can last throughout their lives. Girls Inc. of Long Island programming empowers girls to be leaders today and in their futures by helping them master foundational academic skills, practice healthy behaviors, and build positive relationships with peers and adults. Girls learn they can have a role in educating and bringing about change in their own lives as well as among their peers, families, communities, and beyond.

Bold Future Leaders 

APPLY TO THE 2021-22 COHORT. Applications due November 26.
Bold Future Leaders brings together high school girls (grades 9-12) to focus on leadership development and college and career preparedness in order to foster bold, successful future. The purpose of the Girls Inc. Bold Future Leaders is to provide a comprehensive opportunity for high school girls to develop strong leadership, advocacy, and college and career readiness skills. Our comprehensive approach will help to develop girls’ interpersonal relationships, leadership skills, essential life skills, and confidence, thus equipping girls to be our community’s next leaders and empowering them to be change-makers. If you’re interested in participating in Bold Future Leaders email [email protected].


BFL participants will learn the importance of monitoring self-care, time management, and managing the important steps toward self-reliance and success.

Adapting Communication Skills

BFL participants will improve their ability to listen and express themselves.

Civic Engagement

BFL participants will understand the importance of serving their community.


BFL participants will be able to discern their own needs and be able to communicate their needs to others.


BFL participants will learn to work effectively with others, and emerge as leaders in a group.


BFL participants will take responsibility for themselves and their actions.


BFL participants will take initiative and complete tasks on their own and will foster a sense of ability to do work on her own, and keep track of those responsibilities.

Requirements to enter:

BFL will remain an exclusive program offered by Girls Inc. of Long Island. Girls, both new and returning participants, must apply for the program each year. In order to be considered eligible for the program, girls must be in high school, grades 9-12, on Long Island.


Upon applying to the program, the participant must pay a $25 application fee. Upon being accepted, the participant must pay a $25 program fee, to include all program activities, materials, and t-shirt.


BFL is a program that will run weekly online, Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm from December through May. Participants may not miss more than 3 sessions.