Engineering for Science Recap!


      Led by Ms. Frank of the Brookhaven National Lab Learning Center, this program was chock full of engaging activities that the girls couldn’t help but love! The week kicked off with the girls designing hot water heaters. They tested different materials to see which ones would trap the most heat when left in the sun, and then built their designs using this knowledge. We tested the heaters throughout the week to see which group created the strongest one.

Day 4- Alexa and Emma 3_FotorDay 3- solar hot water heaters-2

The girls also got some great experience in robotics, while building robotic arms and making original creations out of Little Bits. The Little Bits are interchangeable, magnetically connected circuits that allowed the girls to create wheel systems, fun lights, and more for their designs!
Day 5- little bits_FotorDay 1 - designing hot water heaters 3

The group also tackled structural engineering, and spent one afternoon building column out of cardboard and masking tape. One of these columns was able to hold over 1,000 pounds! The girls were so interested that they spent their free time exploring how to build an arch together!

Day 4- Group shot with arch


In the afternoons, the girls participated in lessons on media, literacy and understanding realistic and unrealistic expectations of beauty. They also were visited by some amazing professional women, who talked to them about their experiences in finance, social media marketing, and environmental engineering.

Day 4- Career panel group 2


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