Veronica Isaac

IT Group Project Manager, Customer Operations- PSEG Long Island

Veronica is responsible for implementing technical solutions designed to help enhance customer awareness, upgrade our Customer360 presence and improve overall work performance. She also supports storm relief efforts to maintain operating conditions during disasters.

Veronica is the past coordinator for the PSEG Long Island Diversity and Inclusion Council, former President for the PSEG Long Island Employee Business Resource Group – the Alliance which focused on African American professionals.

She is featured as one of the 100 Faces of PSEG and is currently showcased in a PSEG Long Island News12 Storm Watch infomercial. She also serves as one of the voices for the PSEG Long Island New Bill videos on the PSEG Long Island website, under MyAccount.

Veronica is a wife and mother of two teenage boys with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Morgan State University, along with 2 graduate degrees: an MBA and a Master’s degree in Computer Science – both earned from Long Island University, the Brooklyn campus.

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