It was amazing to see two women that looked like me chasing after their dreams together.”


I am one of the two girls who participated in the entrepreneurship commercial for Mented Cosmetics supported by Chase Bank for Business. The experience was very informative and gave me a lot to think about when I got home. Meeting KJ and Amanda, the CEO and the COO, of the makeup company Mented was inspiring. It was amazing to see two women that looked like me chasing after their dreams together. They were building each other up and taking the accomplishments and losses together. From both women, I learned so many things about business. I loved the way Amanda explained marketing to me specifically, which was my favorite part. To know that marketing is more than just numbers on a sheet or how many followers or likes you get on a post about a product or a person. I truly loved everything about that experience. Another highlight from this experience was getting to meet Thasunda Duckett who is the CEO of Chase Consumer Banking. To see a woman in a position as high up as hers was amazing. This made me set a goal to either be more like her or be better than her because she inspired me. To be exactly like Thasunda would be to lose myself and the original ideas that I can bring to the world. My thoughts would not exist if I were exactly like Thasunda, KJ or Amanda. Being surrounded by strong and intelligent women will always make me want to strive to be better and surpass what they have done. This mentorship opportunity has taught me that it is okay to pursue what I love, it is okay to embrace the support of other women and it’s okay to make a profit!

To watch the video of Kaylin’s experience, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz2nrnA-9-E&feature=youtu.be