Why I Work at Girls Inc. of Long Island

When I graduated from undergrad, I knew I wanted to serve young people and change the world, even if that meant starting by changing individual worlds first. Girls Inc. of Long Island allows me to do just that. I work for Girls Inc. of Long Island for a number of reasons. It’s such a blessing to wake up every day and truly enjoy what you’re doing. Working with the other program staff and seeing the girls in my groups smile and laugh makes me feel like I’m making someone’s life easier in one way or another. 


I attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA for undergrad where I received my B.A. in Political Science and minored in Sociology. When people ask me if I’m working in my field, I proudly tell them “absolutely!” For me, political science and sociology work hand in hand. Together, it’s the study of how people live their lives and how governmental  systems and societal norms impact who gets what, when, why and how. The other awesome thing about Spelman is that it is a Women’s College which naturally made awareness on issues impacting women and girls of top importance to me. Girls Inc. of Long Island gives me the opportunity to examine how society impacts and affects girls while providing girls with the tools for continued success even when the world around them doesn’t support them like it should.

 At Girls Inc. of Long Island, I can really focus on all the different aspects of what it means to be a girl in today’s society and see how “being a girl” has evolved and changed over time. In history, in politics, in the workplace and in the media, I believe we are seeing a positive shift in how women and girls are being valued. If I can empower another girl to be strong, smart, and bold, we can continue to build momentum behind movements that uplift women to reach their full potential. I work for Girls Inc. of Long Island because I believe there is so much power and purpose when women and girls are united for a common goal. It is an honor to be a part of an organization that is helping to change the world, one girl at a time. Changing the world is as simple as changing the individual world of a 6th grader who may be struggling with her identity by providing programming that gives her a new perspective and outlook on life. Or changing the world can look like advocating for girls around the world to have access to a quality education by enlightening the mind of those who think differently through exposure and evidenced-based research. 

So, in short, I work for Girls Inc. of Long Island, because I can make an impact and have a lot of fun at the same time.