Empowering Girls Through STEM from Long Island to Namibia!

Meet Martha, Girls Inc. of Long Island International Fellow!

I am young Namibian women whose passion is substantiated by the drive to be a part of purposes greater than myself. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Town and Regional Planning and a master’s degree in Transportation Engineering (Summa Cum Laude). As an Urban Planner and Transportation Engineer, my job is to integrate land use policies and transportation systems to achieve sustainable urban mobility through research and innovation. My greatest career goal is to be part of the decision makers who influence policy and funding towards innovation hubs which would create innovative solutions ensuring that cities provide better for its people. In my aspirations, I am constantly motivated by the understanding that whatever I accomplish, I make it a bit easier for the women after me.

I am constantly motivated by the understanding that whatever I accomplish, I make it a bit easier for the women after me.

As woman pursuing a career in a male dominated field, to many this is a challenge, but to me this is an opportunity. I perceive this as an opportunity to pave way for fellow women that would like to pursue careers in male dominated fields. Therefore, I have decided to promote and empower young girls to join Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields by giving them access to resources, information and mentorship. I advance this work through visiting schools and universities and speaking to young girls about STEM careers. I am also currently serving as the Director of Programmes for the African Youth Union Commission: Namibian Chapter. As a leader, professional development is of great importance to the work we do. Therefore, I have been part of the “think. Budapest Young Leaders” fellowship and 2018 Young African Leaders Initiative fellowship. I am currently taking part in the Community Solutions Program, a year-long professional development program for people who are working to improve their communities. As Community Solutions fellows we are matched with a host organization in the US and participate in the Community Leadership Institute, a leadership training program designed to strengthen our leadership and management skills.

With Girls Inc. of Long Island as my host organization, I feel like I am exactly where I need to be. Their programing constitutes of elements that are significantly needed in my community. During my four-month stay with Girls Inc. of Long Island I will be specifically working on their STEM curriculum and gaining the necessary skills to create a greater impact in my community back home. This experience will not only empower me, but also all the young girls I mentor and work with in Namibia!